What to do last in a start up.

I have been part of several start ups from what I have understood your idea is already in operations at least 3 years ago.


However this should not stop you from not further exploring why they did not succeed And they not get funding, if no why?


Before you start a company and logo and website go deeper into concept and-how it will work. In short operations.

There are several information that you can get from internet if you want positive response you get it, the opposite is also true. Try searching for a symptoms of corona Virus after reading you may end up thinking I always had corona just that I didn’t realise.

Now check on Google how to know if you are mad or not? The answers will shock you.Try north Indian masala you get images of turmeric cloves cinnamon green chiily pepper agar agar kerva, dry cumin seeds dry ginger powder star anise now Search south Indian masala You get to see fatty ladies and clevage. Most probably in wet saree near a village pond.

So coming back I feel when you went to start a project think.
Do you have expertise on this.

Have you worked in this industry and found there is a demand gap that needs to be filled.

Do your eco system have expertise on it.

Are there anyone doing it, if yes do you have space for the same

What problem of the consumer is this going to solve.

Is it scalable

Is it easily replicable

Do you have 80% of your budget for marketing of your services.

If you have exact answers to all the above questions then work on budgeting and break even analysis.

Now that you have your budget in place even if there is 40% chance that it can work, then go ahead.
Now book your domain name Logo form a company establish an office.

That’s it. You are ready to go. Take the flight.

Hisham Kabir

Author: Hisham Kabir
Hisham Kabir is a marketing professional with 15 years of experience in multiple industries. I believe marketing should ultimately bring in sales revenues. However, it's a 360 approach that includes all aspects of marketing an excellent competitive and quality product, branding, advertising, market research, competitor analysis, with a sales plan and after-sales support done consistently over a period of time is when your product or service will become established. Hisham Kabir

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