Will email die a natural death.


Hi today I would like to write about how email is changing the entire functionality in management few years ago today I’m now in the year 2020 December at least five years before 8 years before until the invasion of WhatsApp email was one of the strongest point of communication we used to look and check email everyday
used to spend more time reading about the mails that we’ve got

then it became a situation where spam Mail started attacking our inboxes to the extent now we’re become very cautious and careful to unsubscribe from our spam mailboxes despite all this we still get about 100 emails every single day of which 99 percentage of those males are not meant for you

thankfully Google did try something to avoid emails and then divide it into different sections like social and updates and so on and so forth however still it did not give the desired results

I still have lot of unwanted emails in my inbox so that is something which we need to address but what I’m trying to say is how technology updation can deplete things in a very little time

until a few years back pen drive USB drive was one of the key entertainment devices now we do not even know what that thing is all about there was an 8GB64GB24GP I don’t know how much so all these things were considered very key element we used to have that to upload our favourite music into the pen drives and from there we used to put it in our car audio system and from there it went on

but now none of the cars I guess they don’t even have an option for non Bluetooth non the pen drive versions for music because things have evolved entities involved evolve so fast So what I’m trying to tell here is as technology progress is the adoption adaptation or the depletion of the existing so called pride or the want can easily be removed in no time earlier as kids we used to have one video cassette tape which used to catch fungus and then we had to clean it there were services who used to clean cassettes

so it is a huge Houston those days so coming back and then after a several years several years maybe from 1980s from it it was until 1996 slowly the compact disc or what we call a CD started coming to our system then there was a long time from CD to DVD and then from DVD to Blu Ray was a very short time and from that then came the pen drives that also sustained for a little while after that there was no looking back but the gap of adaptation gap of change that people did from CD to the current format of streaming online is not more than eight years five years but that is what I’m trying to tell you

there will be a change that we can expect even in what we think is the inevitable WhatsApp communication

now you talk to somebody you call a sales consultant you call somebody and ask for see what is the price of your car this is so do you have WhatsApp I’ll send the details in the WhatsApp that’s it


where’s the email gone it’s gone is gone.

Author: Hisham Kabir
Hisham Kabir is a marketing professional with 15 years of experience in multiple industries. I believe marketing should ultimately bring in sales revenues. However, it's a 360 approach that includes all aspects of marketing an excellent competitive and quality product, branding, advertising, market research, competitor analysis, with a sales plan and after-sales support done consistently over a period of time is when your product or service will become established. Hisham Kabir

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