How to Spend wise on your big fat Indian Wedding.

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Your wedding day is the biggest day of your life, this article explains various ways to spend but spend wise on your big day.


Remember, wedding is a time when your budgets shoot up, much more than what you would have expected so to ensure that you do not make such regular expensive mistakes i am writing this blog for those who are planning to get married soon, and their parents as well.


Read on.


Invitation Card.


Remember invitation card is a reminder for your friends and family to be there at your wedding, more than the card its the way you call that matters and for that a card is not required as well, so card is simply to remember the date, time, venue and the family. so kindly dont spend too much money on a invitation card that has only message, as the value after reading you tend to put it in your viist card area which you may tend to forget as well. so remember to mention you name or your family name, wedding date venue and time on the outer cover of your invite, that’s what more important.


House Renovation at the time of wedding


there is no limit to what extend you can keep on renovating your house, but remember if you are not staying in your house, (like your job is another city) then just change the bathroom fitting that too only if its really old fashioned or is gone bad, and spend it where you are going to use on a daily basis.


It has been observed that people spend unreasonable amounts on room and bathroom renovation which you use only for a short while.




there is only one rule, if you are spending spend it really big else save your money, dont spend a fortune on a dress that you can wear only once, ive seen and heard folks spending as high as 3 lak or more rupees for a special wedding dress, unless you have enough and money to spare do not extend your budget just for a designer wear etc.


Gold & Diamond

they say diamonds are for ever, yes the rates of diamond on resale is too low that you tend to keep it with you, than to sell it, so once you bought it, you have almost lost the same amount of money.



instead of focusing on designer jewellery etc where you end up paying the price of pure gold for things are not pure because of the work involved and the stones that are used to make the jewellery where the stones have very poor value in case you want to sell it, so buy gold jewellery with maximum gold in it, gold is an asset that you or your parents have bought with your hard earned money you should not destroy the same. also do not exchange gold, sell it and then  buy the gold, if exchange gold you tend to lose more money. mark my words never in the histroy of gold retail have a calculation mistake have happened in the favor of the customer, ive heard and had many occassion where customers have been cheated based on calculation mistakes.


Decoration services

agreed that every one of us wants our wedding to be a big fat indian wedding but, remember all the floral carpets etc are only lasting for few hours, stage decoration expenses are only good for 3-4 hrs why do you need to spend a fortune on the same, also remember of the many wedding that you have attended how many of you remember flower & stage setting? do you remember?  very few. so spend wise, instead of spending this king of money i would recommend that you book a room in the most poshest hotel this shall make you and your partner more happy than that laks of rupee that you plan to spend on flowers and stage decoration etc for few hours.


Taxi/Bus booking

To make travel easy for your family and friends you tend to book a bus only to realise that most of them are travelling on their own cars, so kindly ensure you call all those who plan to travel in a bus get a confirmation and based on that book a bus, else the bus have minimum chages that apply. a small but very common mistake that can happen.




For any wedding be it big fat or thin slim indian wedding what really matters for your invited guest is not fancy flower decoration of those orchid that are imorted from thailand, its not the quality of carpets, its not the decoration at the venue what really matters is the FOOD and FOOD only.


Rule 1

select a good caterer like idealcaterers who have the history,reputation and quality for the same.


It has been observed that in most indian wedding inorder to aviod a retake of the same food items people tend to take all the food that is served at the same time on the same plate, by doing so neither you would enjoy food and you end up wasting more food so its the customer who has decide to keep a simple elegent menu. so that you would know what you are eating as well as enjoy the taste of it as well. besides saving cost as well.



Instead of having 4 different kinds of breads and another 4 different kinds of curry where you may end up eating chilly chicken with sambar, i would say, keep limited food but what you keep should serve should be the best in quality quantity and taste. By doing so you are not just saving money but also reducing food wastage as well.



Book a venue that is slightly upmarket, extend your buget a little more here, my experience has taught me that, VENUE MATTERS!


Thank you.


Hisham Kabir
(Hisham is an entrepreneur and owner at ideal caterers kochi, you can get in touch with Hisham on )





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