Beyond the Click: Why Your Digital Marketing Strategy Needs an Upgrade

The Importance of a Holistic Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing has become an essential part of any business strategy. But with the rise of AI-powered tools and a focus on reach and awareness, it’s easy to forget the core principles of marketing.

Effective Marketing Goes Beyond Digital
While digital tools can streamline content creation and ad targeting, marketing is more than just creating online campaigns. It’s about understanding your target audience, their needs, and their buying journey.
The Power of Customer Experience
Today’s consumers are less loyal to brands, so building a strong customer relationship is crucial. This includes providing excellent customer service, after-sales support, and a seamless overall experience.
Don’t Discount the Value of Traditional Marketing
Public relations, events, and traditional marketing channels can still play a vital role in your strategy. A holistic approach that integrates both digital and traditional marketing efforts is essential.
Focus on Value, Not Just Price
While offering introductory discounts can attract customers, constantly competing on price is a race to the bottom. Focus on the unique value proposition of your products or services to build brand loyalty.
The Takeaway
Digital marketing is a powerful tool for generating awareness, but it’s just one piece of the puzzle. By taking a 360-degree marketing approach that prioritizes customer experience and value, you can build a sustainable and successful business.
Author: Hisham Kabir
An MBA with 18+ years of experience, spanning senior roles across multiple industry verticals as an account manager with B2B Sales & Business Development in Events and Marketing, Food Buying sourcing and procurement, FMCG, New Product Development, F&B, Catering & Banquet, End to End Event Operations Management. LinkedIn sales navigator expert. LinkedIn helper2 sales automation and Zoho CRM. Extensive functional expertise in successfully managing end-to-end aspects of F&B operations spanning the front and back-office operations within budgeted guidelines and to the highest standards. People Management – Experienced in recruiting, training and managing F&B teams - Most recently managed a 50+ strong cross-functional team. Proven track record of managing 400+ catering events including numerous high-volume corporate and social events with more than 5000 pax. Further to MBA, completed a Management development programme in sales management from IIM which is among the leading business management school in India. Later ventured into independent entrepreneurial business by launching and retailing a ready-to-cook food gravy paste brand using retort technology called freedom kitchen. With significant insights into front-end retailing and a strong background in the Retail Industry, I shifted to Corporate Path by joining a food-based FMCG company as part of their rural market expansion.  My expertise is in operational excellence, channel sales development, team management, client relationship development, and Event Operations Management. large ticket banquet Management, Menu planning, costing and P&L, and people management. Driven by a passion for advertising have conducted an exhibition titled walk through the history of Volkswagen beetle. where I showcased several print ads released by Volkswagen Beetle in North America from 1958 to 1971. You can follow blogs on dealing with trends in marketing and advertising and behavioural economics.