Incredible India Very Expensive

My freind from Mumbai wanted to Visit Kerala (the most sought after destination in India and backed by brilliant commercials that is being feature at UK and USA) Kerala otherwise known as “the gods own country” looks brilliant and sometimes munnar can make you feel like nothing better than the best in the world,however it comes at a cost.

If you get your math right, India is a more expensive tourist destination if you just discount, the international flight charges, now with low cost cheap fights like, air Asia, is making Singapore and Malaysia much more cheaper destination for average Indians. Whats more, the the price that you pay for a 3 star accommodation you can get it for much lesser prices there than in India.

On the contrary Our Govt, is looking for options where by you can further tax,, or find new methods of taxing either the tourist or the hotels.

Govt have spend several crores of rupees, for their most famous campaign Incredible India, and have even roped in actor aamir khan to promote it, but let me ask you, whats the point, when govt has taken no action to at least keep dustbins or waste bins in major tourists areas.

TAJ MAHAL is a classic example of how bad govt of India can bring disgrace to the worlds most iconic historical monument. The Approach Roads to TAJ is bad, there are long waiting ques to get inside, people come to you to inform that you can get inside, without standing in this line, then pay them Rs 100 or above.

The Taj is so poorly managed that, it is a national shame, thanks to the govt of India for this efforts. Also its here in Taj that once ive noticed world most disgraceful racial discrimination, where there is board that mentions Foreginers 25 USD Indian 25 Rs. How will you identify a foreigner, yes he should have a fair skin, africans, afro americans are all spared.

After Modi, Comming into power, he introduced swatch bharat cess another additional tax on the already over taxed Indian citizens(India’s truest minority) well its not just about paying tax that we need proper execution plans.

In kerala govt has implemented a plastic ban, now if you want to go to the nearest grocery store to buy milk and other essentials on the way  back from work, you do not have an option to carry the same.

First one needs to tackle the problem by bringing in a alternative to plastic bags, then implement a ban on the same.

To make India a cleaner place first provide more public toilets, then educate and inform through pictures and posters and using all media vehicles. Provide dust bin and all possible locations. Proper and Scientific Garbage disposal units have to be made from the authorities. and then impost strict laws that will punish the offenders. With use of mordern technology and CCTV cameras its easy to find the culprits. Fear, Fear will work.









Author: Hisham Kabir
Hisham Kabir is a marketing professional with 15 years of experience in multiple industries. I believe marketing should ultimately bring in sales revenues. However, it's a 360 approach that includes all aspects of marketing an excellent competitive and quality product, branding, advertising, market research, competitor analysis, with a sales plan and after-sales support done consistently over a period of time is when your product or service will become established. Hisham Kabir

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