Millionaire a Kerala perspective

“Millionaire” By Hisham Kabir

Believe on one self, from all the talks and the observation that I have made by studying millionaires across the nation is that, they believe they are, they believed they will, and this is the fundamental for making of a millionaire.

Making your first million is the most difficult task, once you are in this club, and then look no further your associates would keep you afloat.

Yes, you got to be talented, you may need to have god gifted talent and a kind of bravery where your fortune works, the challenge is where you have to find this hidden talent inside you.

I have not heard, read or come across any millionaire who is not multi talented, guess they have a great smelling sense, they can smell success, much ahead of many of us, they can see the big picture that any average cannot think off.

They are sharp at their decisions, no decisions of there’s goes wrong, if ever it does, it is steps for the right decision.

They are truly DARING. I would quote an example here, way back in late 90’s when Mr Kochouspeh the chairman of Vguard industries was planning to venture into theme parks and that too in a place far away from Kakanad, many of them said he would flop, and now its for the nation to see what he as attained. Or Mr Mohammed Ali, who built the le meridian hotel way too far away from city and made it the most successful hotel projects in the state. Or Mr Babu Moopen of the Nippon Toyota who made a hill into Toyota’s largest showrooms in the world.

They are good at calculations, when I say calculations I did not mean math, here I mean, judgment, mind reading, business calculations, seeing big picture etc.

They know where to draw the line, for which i would quote a famous hindi movie dialogue, “Hum jahan khade hote hai line wahi se shuru hoti hai”. the power of command, the power of will and extremity in self confidence is what makes one say this.

Most of them have one person who is called the kingpin, or right hand, no decision goes without his consent.

Hardworking, disciplined early raisers, reaches office every day much before the sweeper arrives, the only time most of us would have arrived before time would have been when there is a particular work, or when we might have had an over night stay at our office.

Master of Delegation

They are well delegated, I know the owner of a very large transport logistics company who said, “every day he gets to know his vehicle has some accident or some labour issues” and while he said this i realised it was a Monday and on a wedding, this shows how well he is delegated his work, that one side when his vehicle is having a damage control act, he is laughing with his friends at a wedding, that is the level of delegation he has managed.

They are time bound, they believe if it cannot be attained in x no: of days it’s just not worth it.

The world best sales man,who believed he can convince any deal, may not win in front of them, or their logical calculations, and the CEO end up saying this famous hindi movie dialogue to the sales person ” jis school me thum ye sab pade ho, uska headmaster abhi bhi mujse tution letha hai”

They have one man whom you can call as right hand, without him no decisions happen, the CEO asks one word with him always, he also know the CEO’s likes dislikes and attitudes better than the CEO wife.

They are sharp in judgment.

They are not MBA’s I guess ignorance is bliss however they can teach you what they don’t teach at Harvard business school.


They command power, be it the way the arrive, the way they present them selves, times are changing from rich man simple man humble man is thing of the past, this modest millionaire would have a phantom in his fleet.


They are good at calculations they are sharp enough to asses your turnover after talking business with you for 3 minutes. I have heard from a close relative of mine, who is doing business worth several millions on a conversation with Mr. M.K.Yusuf Ali, the chairman of Lulu Group Dubai that Mr Ali asked him, so your company would be having a total turnover of X crores of rupees, and it was perfect calculation. This is the kind of judgement that they possess.


They make good use of sense organs the way god wanted it to be used, they see more, listen more and talk less.


They are very hard working.


They are master of delegation.


When a person does all the above mentioned points religiously and he turns his organization to success, many call him to be a LUCKY GUY.


“Millionaire” By Hisham Kabir


Author: Hisham Kabir
An MBA with 18+ years of experience, spanning senior roles across multiple industry verticals as an account manager with B2B Sales & Business Development in Events and Marketing, Food Buying sourcing and procurement, FMCG, New Product Development, F&B, Catering & Banquet, End to End Event Operations Management. LinkedIn sales navigator expert. LinkedIn helper2 sales automation and Zoho CRM. Extensive functional expertise in successfully managing end-to-end aspects of F&B operations spanning the front and back-office operations within budgeted guidelines and to the highest standards. People Management – Experienced in recruiting, training and managing F&B teams - Most recently managed a 50+ strong cross-functional team. Proven track record of managing 400+ catering events including numerous high-volume corporate and social events with more than 5000 pax. Further to MBA, completed a Management development programme in sales management from IIM which is among the leading business management school in India. Later ventured into independent entrepreneurial business by launching and retailing a ready-to-cook food gravy paste brand using retort technology called freedom kitchen. With significant insights into front-end retailing and a strong background in the Retail Industry, I shifted to Corporate Path by joining a food-based FMCG company as part of their rural market expansion.  My expertise is in operational excellence, channel sales development, team management, client relationship development, and Event Operations Management. large ticket banquet Management, Menu planning, costing and P&L, and people management. Driven by a passion for advertising have conducted an exhibition titled walk through the history of Volkswagen beetle. where I showcased several print ads released by Volkswagen Beetle in North America from 1958 to 1971. You can follow blogs on dealing with trends in marketing and advertising and behavioural economics.

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