eatouts in kerala

This is a forum to discuss and opinions on various eat outs across Kerala, known as well as unknown.

let me start with my all time favorite outlet from my childhood, and that’s the hotel sieko, at mathrubhumi jn,kaloor,kochi, their best recommended dish is a set of paroota and beef fry, this is a must have.

the next best outlet where you can get great food is hotel frys near mymoon theatre, they serve all food, however the best is beef fry+puttu set, also try their new bombay meals it worth it. the lunch with fish curry is also very good.

Hotel sahiyon, the most home made food that you can get from Ernakulam, and by far the most crowded place for lunch.

the next would be punjabi hotel in Broadway, try their lassi and also try their aloo parata their taste would beat the ones you can get in delhi.

For biryanis i recomend “just biryani” outlet, though only works in the afternoon these guys serve biryanis the way it has to be. Perfectly dhum cooked, really yummy biryanis.

kayis at mattancherry and also one at the sany restaurant at north is also serve good biryanis.

Wait I still have more to add by then you are welcome to contribute.

Author: Hisham Kabir
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